6 Ways Xplor Studio Can Help You Build a Business and a Brand

6 Ways Xplor Studio Can Help You Build a Business and a Brand

Building a boutique fitness business can be challenging enough. But building a brand involves a whole new set of challenges. It requires the ability to identify and delve into the KPIs that matter most, drive consistent customer engagement, cultivate unique workouts that your client base won’t receive anywhere else, and much, much more. That’s why Xplor Studio has the tools you need to accomplish all these, and more. Keep reading to find out how Xplor Studio can help you elevate both your business and build your brand.  

How Xplor Studio Can Help You Build Your Brand

  1. Unlock the metrics you need to increase brand loyalty: With Xplor Studio, you’ll be able to easily track the attendance, growth, churn, and KPIs of your membership in our reporting dashboard. Test new classes and programs to see which are successful and fit in well with your brand, and which might need to be tweaked.

  2. Help manage the paperwork so you can focus on your offerings: Admin work isn’t glamorous, but it’s a necessity for running a successful studio. Xplor Studio can help you manage items such as your memberships and payments via comprehensive processing and reporting functionality. So you can spend less of your time on your paperwork, and more on your clients. 

  3. Allow you to customize your own branded app: With the Grow plan, you’ll have the opportunity to customize and brand your own app, which will be available for your clients in the app store. Grow brand loyalty and keep members engaged with one app to manage it all. Your clients can sign up for classes, request 1:1 appointments, shop merch, rent gear, and more—all while looking at your beautiful logo and brand colors.

  4. Build 1:1 relationships through customized programs Give your clients more control over their schedule and build that one-to-one relationship with our comprehensive training add-on. What are their goals, and how do you build a program to help them get there? With Xplor Studio, you’ll be able to create your own custom workouts, track your clients’ progress, and use the built-in video library to pick pre-recorded video workouts and assign them out to clients for that personal feel. Whether your customers want their personalized training program delivered in-studio or remotely, you’ll be able to create a workout experience built just for them that they won’t find anywhere else.

  5. Send personalized communication: Go above and beyond bland messaging with tailored communication that can help you build strong client relationships. With Xplor Studio, you’ll be able to manage personalized emails and SMS messages, as well as communicate with your customers via in-app notifications and real-time messaging.

  6. Make adding retail a piece of cake: Retail can be an extra revenue stream as well as a way to show off your brand. Our easy-to-use retail capabilities can help you seamlessly manage your inventory, customize your categories, and report revenue. Plus, your merch will be available on both the app and desktop. So your customers will be able to shop your brand from anywhere. 

Building a successful brand doesn’t happen overnight. But with hard work and the right studio management platform, you’ll be on track to boost your business and create your brand. Contact Xplor Studio to start your free 7 day trial today

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