How to Build a Social Presence During the Holidays

Within the last decade, social media has grown to become a pinnacle of health and fitness advertising. 10-20 years ago, doing an “Instagram Workout” and buying fitness clothes and equipment from social media was not common practice. Nowadays some of the leaders in the fitness industry have started and grown with great success by accumulating a following on social media. Whether you are new to the social media game, or simply looking to grow, here are 4 of our best tips on how to build a social presence this holiday season.

  1. Consider Your Message
    If you are in the process of building or rebranding your social media, it’s important to have a clear message and brand. Consistency is key when developing and growing a brand. Create brand guidelines that capture the exact colors, fonts, and keywords or phrases you want your consumers to consistently see. Make sure it is synonymous with the message you are trying to portray. Last but not least, make sure your message is easily available. Formulate links on your social media that lead to your website and vice versa. All of your content should be easy for new consumers to access, read, and understand.

  2. Befriend Algorithms
    It is common knowledge that various social media platforms prioritize certain types of content over others. These built-in algorithms can initially appear hurtful to your advertising platform, however, with a little bit of applied knowledge, you can use these algorithms to your advantage. Figure out what type of media is prioritized on each individual platform. For example, Instagram prioritizes video content (i.e. reels, stories, video posts, etc.). When you modify a post for this platform, it would be a great idea to have your content in the form of a video. Finally, make sure you are strategic about your hashtags. Tap into the keywords and phrases of the message you are trying to relay, and not the success of the hashtag, so you know whether or not it is a good one to reuse on a later post.

  3. Create a Schedule
    In “Consider Your Message” I touched on the point that consistency is key when it comes to relaying a message via social media. Consistency not only applies to the message itself, but also the schedule of posting the message. It is important to have a consistent number of posted content each week. Not good at keeping track of your social media schedule? Don’t worry, there are plenty of social media management platforms to help you out. It’s not a bad idea to also have a designated social media manager. Whether that is you or one of your employees, it’s a great way to make sure your schedule stays on track, and your consumers are receiving a consistent message.

  4. Boost Your Engagement
    Social media is a great way to build new relationships with consumers, interested members, and other businesses. In order to develop good social media relationships, be sure to respond in a timely manner to any direct messages, comments, or other interactions from new customers or businesses. Also, be sure to initiate and encourage interaction. A great way to engage properly on social media is to have your designated social media manager comment, follow, and respond timely to any messages you receive on social media platforms.

This holiday season, there will always be a new message or offer you are trying to relay to your public. Social media can be a great way to reach new future members, advertise your products, and develop healthy business relationships. Follow our 4 tips above to help establish and build your social media presence this holiday season.

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