Why Use a Gym Scheduling App?

The past year was a difficult time for gyms and fitness studios. Fortunately, recent months have shown a pickup in the expected revenue of gyms in the US, meaning professionals managing these fitness centers are experiencing an influx of clients.

More patrons create a need for better management of fitness studios, from attracting clients and scheduling to keeping members engaged. However, doing so can take up lots of time, especially when using manual processes. Investing in the right technology such as remote coaching and gym scheduling software for your studio can help you run it more efficiently, and ultimately, grow your business. 

Here’s why you may want to consider implementing:

Effective Client Acquisition and Retention

If there’s anything the pandemic has emphasized for fitness centers, it’s the value of prospective clients. Attracting clients effectively requires a good grasp of the user journey, particularly how and why clients decide to sign up in the first place. Software such as gym scheduling systems have features that allow you to capture leads for prospective clients and guide them through the sales funnel. An automated communication method can create constant touch points that will keep your potential members interested.

Using tools like our Marketing Calendar also makes it easier to keep members updated with your studio’s latest events, announcements, and other engagement points. 

Easier Client Booking and Management

After attracting clients, it’s also important to monitor them. Keep track of details such as the number of clients you have, their fitness goals, and even their expenses. A gym scheduling app is especially helpful for keeping track of your clients’ schedules and keeping your fitness studio running smoothly.

For instance, a client may want to take scheduled classes for a month. Scheduling software can help prevent clients from missing any sessions, while also letting them know how many participants to expect so they can properly prepare. Remote coaching software can also be used here to execute online gym classes for a better turnout.

Automated Marketing Efforts

Other than scheduling, these apps also have other features, including mobile notifications and automated emails. Automation is becoming a necessity in every industry, which includes health and fitness. A Social Media Today post on marketing trends expounds this even further by stating that marketing automation can use various digital touch points to reach consumers.

In order to fully embrace this approach you might need to hire someone who specializes in digital marketing. The good news is that this new form of marketing is now the dominant topic of most marketing degrees at a higher education level. Maryville University’s online marketing degree dedicates most of the course to search engine marketing (SEM), content management, social media engagement, data analytics, multimedia, and basic user experience (UX) design. Those who fully understand these fields will be able to use the app to reach the widest possible audience through automated marketing. This way, you can use this specialized software to deliver branded messaging via email, social media, SMS, and more. Automated marketing makes it easier for you to deliver campaigns to targeted members using the platform of your choice.

Accessible Billing Process Management

Billing and payments can be a time-consuming process. Fortunately, Xplor Studio integrates with Stripe to make payments seamless for your clients. 

When configuring your gym check in software, don’t forget details that make it convenient for new and returning customers. For instance, an auto-fill feature will make the experience of enrolling in fitness classes much easier for returning members. This will cultivate a better relationship with your clients.

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