5 Key Findings from our 2021 Fitness Studio Customer Survey: What Gym and Studio-Goers Want You to Know Post-Pandemic

We recently surveyed over 550 regular fitness studio customers about their expectations for the 'new normal' — this is what they had to say

Covid-19 has changed the way all businesses work, and the fitness industry is no exception. Everyone is adjusting to the 'new normal.' Whether you're getting ready to reopen your fitness studio or you've already done so—things have changed. But it's not all bad. You now have a golden opportunity to make changes that could really benefit your fitness business.

Our recent research report, Approaching a New Normal, summarizes the survey results of over 550 fitness studio customers. Our parent company, Xplor, ran this survey throughout February and March 2021, to better understand how customer fitness habits have changed since our previous industry report in early 2020. The report has some great insight but to help make your life easier, we've pulled the five key insights we think will be worth your while.

5 Key Findings from our 2021 Fitness Studio Customer Survey:
  1. Returning to the Fitness Studio: Covid-19 is a Motivator
    If there's a silver lining to a global pandemic, it's that people became more focused on their health and well-being. Fitness has become more of a priority for them. Our report showed that 56% of infrequent studio-goers pre-pandemic say they will return to studio classes 2 or more times a week now. An infrequent studio-goer is someone who (pre-pandemic) had visited a gym, personal trainer, or group fitness studio less than once a week—so they plan to double their amount of visits. This is great news; more than half of these casual studio-goers now consider themselves fitness enthusiasts who work out regularly.

  2. Reopening Your Fitness Studio: Gain More Customers with a Hybrid Approach
    Because the threat of Covid-19 is not over, many gym-goers and fitness enthusiasts still feel safer working out from their homes. Our report showed 54% of respondents still use on-demand videos to guide their workouts. As you reopen your fitness studio post-Covid, keep in mind that the on-demand market is still a great one to tap into, and isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Consider offering a combination of on-demand videos and in-person classes, as it could prove to be a strong revenue stream during (and post) Covid-19.

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  3. The Impact of Covid-19 on Fitness Studios: An Opportunity to Increase Brand Loyalty
    Although Facebook and Instagram live workouts were popular in the beginning of the pandemic, 2021 has seen a decline in that popularity. Our report found that 60% of customers are showing more loyalty to their favorite brands—they're noticeably keener to connect, engage and purchase directly. What this means is a fantastic opportunity to boost brand awareness and loyalty by offering ways for your audience to engage directly with your services and offerings.

  4. The Future of Fitness Studios: Fitness Junkies are Keen to get Back into It
    We mentioned the infrequent studio-goers, and that motivation also translates to your former fitness regulars. Our report showed that 74% of them said they would return to in-person sessions at least twice a week post-pandemic, showing that good habits often stick. The fitness enthusiasts are excited about the reopening of fitness studios post-Covid, so now is the time to polish your operation and ensure your business is ready to match their enthusiasm.

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  5. Bringing Customers Back: Vaccination is Key
    52% of customers said they wouldn’t return to studios or small group sessions until they were fully vaccinated, which isn't surprising. You might consider offering sessions that are open only to those who've had the shot as a way of gaining new customers. Vaccinations are being continually rolled out on a global scale, so it won't be long before this concern is minimized.

    The upshot is that when you reopen your fitness studio, you can leverage the impact of Covid-19 into new business opportunities. With the right studio management software solution on board, you can enhance these new revenue streams and build new and unique fitness experiences, tailored to the 'new normal' of the post-pandemic era.

Interested in learning more facts and figures from our fitness studio customer survey? Make sure you download a copy of the Approaching a New Normal report, so you've got all the numbers on hand for when you need them most

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