9 Features of Yoga Studio Software

So you’re debating about integrating yoga studio software into your business.  If you’re only superficially familiar with the various softwares available for you to choose from, one of your biggest questions might be, what features do yoga studio softwares offer?  Below, I highlight nine of the most convenient features of Xplor Studio. 


  • Manage Your Classes

With a yoga studio software, like Xplor Studio, you can easily manage your classes, make changes to the schedule, and even derive statistics from attendance.  A customized app allows you to set your own class schedule, track attendance, and your clients can sign up from home to make their experience as easy as possible.


  • Make Appointments

This software takes convenience to another level by syncing your appointments into your Google Calendar.  You will save time with automatic calendar synchronization instead of manually uploading appointments to multiple platforms.  Best of all, appointment reminders built into the software will make sure you and your clients don’t miss any upcoming sessions.


  • Online Payments

Manually taking each individual payment transaction can take up a lot of time that you don’t have.  Xplor Studio integrates with Stripe so you can handle everything with one platform.  With your payments all occurring on the same software platform, calculating your finances from various classes, memberships, and individual sessions becomes that much easier.


  • Member Profiles and Types

Each of your members and guests accumulates a set of data within the software platform that provides you with information regarding their type of member profile.  Profiling data provides you with insight into how members respond to different programs and how to target each of them most effectively.


  • Member Login

By using software that offers a member login, your members can make payments, sign up for classes and track their progress in a convenient way.  It is one of the main components of yoga studio software that gives your studio an extra edge by allowing your customers to interact with your studio from their personal platform at their convenience.


  • Manage Staff and Instructors

The ability to communicate and manage the schedules of your staff and instructors is a great convenient feature of yoga studio software.  Having a single platform for communication instead of calls, texts, emails, and website messaging simplifies studio-wide communication.  This provides a simple and convenient way to communicate with your employees, and it will save you the time involved in sending messages to multiple platforms individually.


  • Email Alerts

I am an incredibly forgetful individual and would be lost without email alerts and reminders.  With Xplor Studio, you can manage personalized email communications with Mailchimp. Having email alerts at your disposal is a great way to keep your employees and clients organized and informed.  These may be utilized for class schedule reminders, but also for marketing purposes.  Whether you are having a flash sale or offering a new class, automated email alerts and reminders are a great way to keep top notch organization within your yoga studio.


  • Quick View Activity Dashboard

Sometimes the simplest features have the greatest benefits.  The quick view activity dashboard gives your app users quick access to your platform and alerts in a way that simply gives your studio a more professional appearance.


  • Advanced Reports

A yoga studio software combines all of your data, communication, and marketing in one place, so it is the ultimate way to accumulate advanced reports on your business.  This can be one of your greatest tools to help grow your business.


Xplor Studio offers a variety of features that can be a convenient tool to help manage your fitness business.  I hope these common feature highlights help you understand the professional, business and marketing benefits of incorporating a yoga studio software into your company.


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