Gym Customer Relationship Management (CRM)  Software. The all-in-one gym CRM software to manage your fitness business

Managing your fitness business has never been easier with all-in-one gym CRM software to track operations, classes, and member data on one seamless platform. In the competitive fitness industry, CRM software can be the biggest game changer making a difference for both you and your members. CRM software works around the clock so you don’t have to.

Why use gym CRM software?

In the fitness industry gym owners are constantly trying to add new equipment and tools to give their gym the extra edge. In this technology-driven era, the newest addition to stay competitive in the market is Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, software. CRM software will give your gym an advantage that benefits you, your employees, and most importantly, your customers. After you implement gym CRM software, you may start to notice an increase in your free time. CRM software cuts down the time required to keep up with burdensome administrative tasks like scheduling, customer communication,tracking memberships and retail. No more hours of humdrum emails followed by another hour of scheduling. You can spend your time running your business, and leave the day-to-day management to your CRM software.

Here are just 7 of the top Gym CRM Software Features that can benefit you:

  • Seamless Schedule Changes:

Between personal training sessions and class schedules, virtual and in-person, gym scheduling can be overwhelming and laborious. Not to mention, COVID protocols have caused even more schedule changes on a daily basis. CRM software makes it easy to view a holistic schedule that breaks down each instructor’s classes. Have a last minute change? Just drag and drop to fit your daily schedule changes. It couldn’t be easier to manage!

  • Manage Retail:

Gym CRM software can manage your inventory, customize different categories, generate finance reports, and provide convenient member access to your online store from anywhere. This software provides individually branded apps that act as a platform for your members to access your store, so your members can purchase merchandise even from the comfort of their own home. The POS system is included in the app, and the entire time, purchases are being monitored and recorded for your finance reports.

  • Track Growth & Memberships

Manually tracking growth and memberships can be an extremely time-consuming task that takes your valuable time away from your business. Instead of manually doing all these tasks or utilizing a completely separate software to do the work for you, use an all inclusive gym CRM software. This will simplify the process of tracking, give you more time to focus elsewhere, and seamlessly sync with your reporting. CRM software has the ability to track membership, growth, class and personal training attendance, turnover of investment, generated commission, key performance indicators, and even identify at-risk members before they leave. Gym CRM software can do the work of multiple employees with ease all while maintaining General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant.

  • Personalize Communication

Are you spending more than an hour on emails each day? Are you trying to look at reports but constantly getting interrupted with more emails that require a timely response? Instead of taking valuable time out of your day, utilize software to do the work for you. Don’t worry, your messages can still be personalized and branded to your own business, but now you can automate follow-up emails and take back control of your own schedule.

  • Easy Class Booking

Whether you manage a physical gym or a virtual fitness business, fitness CRM software simplifies class bookings for virtual or in-person clients. Your custom branded app allows clients to sign up for classes or request personal training sessions. Employees can manage their schedule with ease choosing to accept or reject an appointment request, which immediately generates an automated and personalized email to confirm with their client.

  • Custom Workouts & Nutrition

Fitness CRM software includes a built-in video library of pre-recorded exercise videos that make programming custom workouts simple and less time-consuming. Even your clients that workout at home will be continually engaged with these customized workouts. The app also has a private messaging board for better communication and engagement of members to develop a better trainer-client relationship. Generic CRM software that is not tailored to the fitness industry may not recognize the important link between exercise and nutrition, but fitness CRM software does. In addition to custom workout videos, fitness CRM platforms also include nutrition planners to keep your clients on track.

  • All-in-One Customized App

Branding is important and can add to the customer experience. Instead of using a generic platform, fitness CRM software is customizable to your own business. The app is all inclusive and is easy to use and engaging. Since engagement drives revenue, it is easy to see how fitness CRM software can be profitable for your company. It truly is a comprehensive and engaging fitness program built for convenience.

Customer Relationship Management in the Fitness Industry

If you are shopping around for CRM software, be sure to look for software that is built for the fitness industry to get the most out of your experience. CRM software for a retail clothing store and a gym look different, and they should. CRM software is an investment in your gym, so why invest in a business outside of the fitness industry? When it comes down to it, fitness CRM software is going to be tailor made for your gym and offer a better client experience.

Here are a few of the top reasons you should invest in fitness-specific CRM instead of generic software:

  • Workout Builder: Workout builder is a software tool that outlines your workout programs and decreases the amount of time it takes to generate customized programs for your clients.  Let’s face it, generic CRM software simply is not going to offer tools, like a workout builder, that is specific to your fitness business.


  • Video Exercise Library: Fitness-specific CRM software comes with a pre-recorded video exercise library. This is the ultimate experience for your at-home clients to make them feel engaged.


  • Program Builder: Use your video exercise library to design series or progression workouts, then apply these to different clients and customize them to each client. The program builder tool can help you cut down on time without losing out on workout customization.


  • Real-Time Messaging: Each client has their own private messaging board, where they can send direct messages to their personal trainer and comment on workouts with questions and concerns. These messages are generated to a single board where personal trainers can seamlessly interact with all of their clients to maintain timely and professional communication.


  • Email Notifications: Automated emails will keep your clients on track by notifying them of upcoming workouts. To help you manage your programming, you can also sign up for email notifications to remind you when new client programs are due.


  • Progress Tracking: Fitness CRM software offers easy-to-read graphs and charts that track your client progress. Whether you are trying to measure overall client compliance or a client-specific metric, fitness CRM software has a graph for that.


  • Team Accounts: Team accounts are great for fitness businesses that operate in a team setting. Inviting new coaches to the team can be a comfortable transition with Team accounts, which allows trainers to share programs and their exercise libraries to offer the best experience to their clients.


  • Custom Theming: Don’t worry, you will not lose your own business’ brand by adding gym CRM software. Customizable software still allows you to maintain your own colors and logos.


  • Dashboard: fitness CRM software’s dashboard makes compliance tracking and client management simple. One one webpage, you can view overall client compliance, what phase of a program each client is on, and any recently completed workouts.

Grow & Add Value for Members

Fitness CRM software has member experience at the top of its priorities and gives you the ability to grow your gym while simultaneously adding value for members. With numerous features that take care of dull administrative tasks for you, you will be able to focus on growing your membership with the additional time. Not only is this an ideal situation for your time management, but also it utilizes an essentially vital platform for a most excellent member experience.

Scale Your Gym’s Potential

Fitness CRM software even has the potential to boost class attendance and increase retention, which is a win-win situation for you, your employees, and your clients. Client compliance is one of the hardest pursuits of gyms and clients alike. Gym CRM software can help you maximize the potential of your business and your clients all in one.

Interested in investing in your business’ potential? 

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